Cane Spanking For Naughty Teen Girl


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This naughty girl was just sitting on the couch doing some reading, when her caretaker walked in and reminded her that she had some otk spanking coming her way because of something bad she did earlier.

Watch this girl’s bottom being spanked red as she goes over his knee and bends over for the cane.

Every time the cane strikes, she lets out a scream. This spanking video is taking it all the way.

The girl is made to stick out her hand and take a hard strapping on it. When her hands are all sore from the strapping, she gets to bend over for more cane spanking again.

Out of all the spanking videos that this spanking blog has, this is easily one of the more evil spanking punishments you will find.

Don’t ever go easy on teen girls’ bottoms. They’re naughty and they deserve to get spanked!

I love the moment those knickers come off to reveal and already soundy thrashed bottom. This girl is in for some serious punishment. And she looks like she needs it.

If you’re looking for some more hot action, by the way, why don’t you go ahead and check out this here free spanking porn.

In the meantime, I’ll just go ahead and have a good wank at this naughty girl getting her buttocks spanked like she deserves. Oh, sure… she looks innocent. But I think we all know one hell of a lot better than that.

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Spanking Punishment For Masturbating Teen Girl

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This naughty teen girl couldn’t control her urges. She’s in her teens and her hormones are playing up and she simply can’t control herself.

So… she starts masturbating right there on the chair, where anybody can just walk in on her. She doesn’t seem to care.

She picked the wrong room for pleasuring herself, as the headmaster just walked in and is not too pleased about this girl spilling pussy juice on his beloved chair.

He takes down this girl’s pants and her sexy thong panties come down as well. She gets a severe otk spanking on her full, round buttocks.

She feels the stinging pain of her spanking on her bum, but she hangs in there like a big girl!

Dirtiest spanking movie I ever saw!

(not really ofcourse, but the masturbation part was a nice touch)

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Bare Bottom Spanking For Naughty Brunette Teen

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When this naughty teen was rummaging around in this old man’s stuff, he was pretty pissed at her.

He remembered how they took care of naughty girls back the old day, and he’s not afraid to use this time tested method of behavior correction again.

Without any hesitation, he lifts up this teen’s skirt and starts spanking her naughty bottom.

Since the old man is feeling frisky and would like to feel the flesh of her bare buttocks, he uses this teen spanking as an excuse to take down her stockings.

Then he slaps her bum with his bare hand and has lots of fun putting this teen in her place!

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Hand Strapping For Busty Young Teen

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This teen thinks it’s all laughs and games at the Girls Boarding School.

Boy is she wrong. And she’s about to find out just how wrong!

Instead of giving her a teen spanking, she is going to get a hand strapping!

She has to hold out her hand and take the teacher’s nasty strap to her palm.

It’s hurting plenty and that no good smile of hers is quickly turning into a sad expression.

Nowhere on this spanking blog can you find a girl who gets just a hand strapping instead of an otk spanking.

She’s getting off fairly easily in comparison to all the other girls at Girls Boarding School!

Somebody call a newspaper. This is a truly unique situation here.

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Humiliating OTK Spanking For Naughty Teen

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This teen has had a little bit too much to drink. And this woman has completely had it with this naughty teen!

In order to be set straight, she is taken over the knee where she is given a very strict otk spanking on the bare buttocks.

Her pussy lips are clearly visible between her legs. And that’s how it’s supposed to be with teen pussy lips! In plain view at all times!

She is given a strap spanking whilst sitting on all fours. What can this poor girl do but simply endure her punishment?

Her naughty bottom has deserved the treatment it is getting. She should be lucky that someone is looking after her!

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Young Teen Poses With Her Caned Bottom Facing The Wall

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This lovely redheaded teen has just had a brutal cane spanking and now she is made to take on a pose facing the wall.

This spanking video shows her standing and sitting. It shows her with her hands on her head and with her hands holding the very cane that spanked her just five minutes earlier.

It must have been quite a humiliating spanking, judging by the look on this poor girl’s face.

Oh well, it’s for her own good.

She will probably realize that one day.

If not… too bad.

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Humiliating Buttocks Trashing For Young Teen

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Meet teen Paula. She’s seen a lot of spanking videos in her life and she reads spanking blogs on the Internet the whole day!

She loves spanking so much, she’s applying to become a spanking model. And this is her audition.

She asked for it… now she’s going to get it.

She is made to undress, revealing her naked teen body right away. She feels exhibitionistic and a little bit humiliated as well.

She’s going to go through with the whole thing, because it’s turning her on! She is given an otk spanking and her bottom is smacked completely red.

She archs her back and sticks her bottom backwards for a belt spanking. Her perky teens breasts are out there, wiggling and jiggling with every spank to the buttocks.

At the end, she grabs her own cheeks and spreads them apart, giving the auditer a nice view of her swollen pussy lips and her cute little teen butt pucker.

I think she’s trying to put a finger in there… naughty girl!

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Paddle Spanking For Misbehaving Schoolgirl’s Bad Tushy

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This naughty schoolgirl reported to her teacher because she was screwing up in class.

The teacher decided that nothing less than a hard bare bottomed paddle spanking would help to set this girl straight.

She bent over the desk and braced herself for the spanking of the paddle. When the paddle landed on her buttocks, it wasn’t so bad because she was still wearing her skirt…

But once the skirt came up, the true humiliating spanking began. It hurt her buttocks real bad every time the paddle struck her flesh.

The teacher shows absolutely no mercy in this spanking video. This is as real as spankings get!

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Caned Bottom Completely Welted At Girls Boarding School

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This cute little redhead must have caused some serious trouble to deserve this humiliating spanking from Girls Boarding School teacher.

The spanking video shows her posing with her bottom, which has clearly visible dark red marks on it from the merciless cane spanking she has received only a few minutes earlier.

Don’t you just love the sight of those cute white little girly knickers pulled down right beneath her spanked bottom?

I know I do!

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Molly From Girls Boarding School Gets Bare Bottomed Spanking

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Meet Molly, a new girl at the Girls Boarding School.

She was told to study and study hard so she could be a smart girl when she grew up.

Smart enough to do the housekeeping, anyway…

She wasn’t doing her best and was underperforming when a teacher came in to check up on her.

He wastes no time and lifts up her skirt. Normally a strap spanking starts on the panties first. But Molly has been extra naughty, and she is having her panties pulled down right away!

She gets a spanking punishment on her bare bottom with the strap. It’s slapping real hard onto her flesh and it makes her round bottom light up and it looks like two shiny apples.

Naughty Molly isn’t liking this much and she tries to stop her humiliating spanking by holding out her hand backwards.

Better get used to this, Molly. This is how it’s done at Girls Boarding School.

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