Medical Spanking For Two Sassy Girls

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These two girls, one a real teenaged, the other a teenager at heart, are here for a medical.

What they don’t know, is that it’s a medical spanking!

They sense a little trouble as soon as they’re ordered to strip down to their underwear. But they go along with it anyway, because it’s kind of exciting!

Then, the oldest ‘tee’ is ordered to take down her panties and sit on all fours.

Her naughty bottom is now showing, with nice thick pussy lips beneath it. I think they’re already a little bit swollen up from the excitement.

And that’s when the real fun starts in this medical spanking video. The girls are both given strap spankings. Hard ones, too.

They’re both on all fours with their bums sticking backwards. Their pussy lips are showing between their legs.

Their buttocks take harsh spankings and their pussies are enjoying it. Who would have thought that two innocent teens would enjoy to undergo such spanking abuse in a medical environment?

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