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Bare Bottom Spanking For Naughty Brunette Teen

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When this naughty teen was rummaging around in this old man’s stuff, he was pretty pissed at her.

He remembered how they took care of naughty girls back the old day, and he’s not afraid to use this time tested method of behavior correction again.

Without any hesitation, he lifts up this teen’s skirt and starts spanking her naughty bottom.

Since the old man is feeling frisky and would like to feel the flesh of her bare buttocks, he uses this teen spanking as an excuse to take down her stockings.

Then he slaps her bum with his bare hand and has lots of fun putting this teen in her place!

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Humiliating OTK Spanking For Naughty Teen

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This teen has had a little bit too much to drink. And this woman has completely had it with this naughty teen!

In order to be set straight, she is taken over the knee where she is given a very strict otk spanking on the bare buttocks.

Her pussy lips are clearly visible between her legs. And that’s how it’s supposed to be with teen pussy lips! In plain view at all times!

She is given a strap spanking whilst sitting on all fours. What can this poor girl do but simply endure her punishment?

Her naughty bottom has deserved the treatment it is getting. She should be lucky that someone is looking after her!

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Paddle Spanking For Misbehaving Schoolgirl’s Bad Tushy

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This naughty schoolgirl reported to her teacher because she was screwing up in class.

The teacher decided that nothing less than a hard bare bottomed paddle spanking would help to set this girl straight.

She bent over the desk and braced herself for the spanking of the paddle. When the paddle landed on her buttocks, it wasn’t so bad because she was still wearing her skirt…

But once the skirt came up, the true humiliating spanking began. It hurt her buttocks real bad every time the paddle struck her flesh.

The teacher shows absolutely no mercy in this spanking video. This is as real as spankings get!

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Molly From Girls Boarding School Gets Bare Bottomed Spanking

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Meet Molly, a new girl at the Girls Boarding School.

She was told to study and study hard so she could be a smart girl when she grew up.

Smart enough to do the housekeeping, anyway…

She wasn’t doing her best and was underperforming when a teacher came in to check up on her.

He wastes no time and lifts up her skirt. Normally a strap spanking starts on the panties first. But Molly has been extra naughty, and she is having her panties pulled down right away!

She gets a spanking punishment on her bare bottom with the strap. It’s slapping real hard onto her flesh and it makes her round bottom light up and it looks like two shiny apples.

Naughty Molly isn’t liking this much and she tries to stop her humiliating spanking by holding out her hand backwards.

Better get used to this, Molly. This is how it’s done at Girls Boarding School.

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Elizabeth Simpson Cane Spanking In The Classroom

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Elizabeth Simpson… will you ever learn?

One of the most often recurring naughty girls on the whole spanking blog has got to be Elizabeth Simpson.

She’s all trouble. Always has been, always will be.

In this spanking video, she’s been naughty in class and her teacher is fed up with her.

He makes her take off her panties and then he lets her bend over for a nice cane spanking across her bare buttocks.

This bare bottomed spanking is a rough one. Elizabeth Simpson tries to pretend she’s having a great time, but the pain in her bare bottom eventually gets to her.

Watch her suffer the consequences of her actions.

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OTK Spanking For Naughty Bar Maid

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This bar maid had better make sure she improves her performance. With a beautiful round bottom like hers, you’re going to have people lining up to spank it!

And that’s exactly what happens in this spanking video. She’s not doing her job well and her superior walks in on her and he’s not pleased about her.

He decides to discipline her.

He sits down. He taker her knickers down. He trashes her buttocks hard!

Her voluptious cheeks are spanked until they are a glowing red. She rubs her bum to make it feel a little better.

Then she has to bend over and take more bare handed spanking punishment.

Eventually, she gets a nice strap spanking to finish the job off properly.

This girl will probably perform a little better in the near future.

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Ebony Girl Gets Her Teen Ass Caned

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This girl was told not to smoke. She did it anyway. Now look at what happens!

She got caught and now she’s going to get some punishment!

She is ordered to bend over and her skirt is lifted up. Her bare bottom is revealed and the spanking punishment can begin.

First, her as is slapped with a bare hand. But since the bare hand alone can’t finish this job properly, the cane is taken out.

Once the girl gets the cane across her bum… that’s when the real marks are starting to appear.

She’s beaten into submission and she’s not liking it too much.

Too bad for her that her spanker is a pervert. He’s watching her pussy while she is standing there with her legs spread… completely exposed.

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OTK Spanking In Teen Girl’s Own Bed

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This girl is attending Girls Boarding School in order to get some much needed discipline so she’ll grow up to be a good and obedient housewife some day.

In this spanking video, she gets a good old fashioned, bare bottomed, bare handed otk spanking!

Is there any other kind? ;)

The teacher comes to visit her in her own room where this anxious teen is already waiting for the spanking punishment she knows she’s going to get.

The teacher sits on the bed and pulls the girl over his lap. She then gets a humiliating spanking on her naughty bottom!

Her pants come off soon enough. Her panties are pulled down just beneath her cheeks. Her bare bottom is now exposed to the teacher.

He continues to give her a teen spanking with his bare hand. Her buns are turning beet red in the process and the girl is spanked to tears.

By the time her spanking is over, she is completely nude and feeling very submissive, exposed and humiliated.

She then gets back in bed where she thinks about what has just happened to her. She then cries herself to sleep.

Poor girl. Can anybody comfort her?

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Strict Cane Spanking On Teen Girl’s Naughty Bottom

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This girl simply won’t learn to behave and the teachers at Girls Boarding School don’t like it.

They’re not putting up with any of her misschief and today they’re going to teach her a lesson through a severe cane spanking on her bare buttocks.

She bends over a chair and exposes her naked bottom to her spanker. He takes a cane and welts her bottom severely.

The girl understandably cries out with every time the cane hits her cheeks.

This spanking video quite clearly shows in how much pain this girl really is.

It also quite clearly shows this girl’s pussy lips swelling up and longing for a father figure’s cock inside of it.

But her punisher will first finish her spanking punishment.

After that, the girl is free to please her pussy any way she likes.

As long as she does it in her own private room.

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Welted Bottom Spanked Once Again

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This naughty fucking teen simply can’t learn to behave herself properly. Once again, she’s going to require a disciplinary spanking!

And her welted bottom hasn’t even healed from the cane spanking she received only days earlier!

This teen’s panties get pulled down and her bare bottom is revealed. She is immediately giving a spanking punishment that would make any teen cringe with pain.

Have a good look at how this bottom is bruised over and over again and again. Not many spanking videos show this kind of bare bottom abuse!

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