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Spanking Punishment For Masturbating Teen Girl

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This naughty teen girl couldn’t control her urges. She’s in her teens and her hormones are playing up and she simply can’t control herself.

So… she starts masturbating right there on the chair, where anybody can just walk in on her. She doesn’t seem to care.

She picked the wrong room for pleasuring herself, as the headmaster just walked in and is not too pleased about this girl spilling pussy juice on his beloved chair.

He takes down this girl’s pants and her sexy thong panties come down as well. She gets a severe otk spanking on her full, round buttocks.

She feels the stinging pain of her spanking on her bum, but she hangs in there like a big girl!

Dirtiest spanking movie I ever saw!

(not really ofcourse, but the masturbation part was a nice touch)

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Bare Bottom Spanking For Naughty Brunette Teen

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When this naughty teen was rummaging around in this old man’s stuff, he was pretty pissed at her.

He remembered how they took care of naughty girls back the old day, and he’s not afraid to use this time tested method of behavior correction again.

Without any hesitation, he lifts up this teen’s skirt and starts spanking her naughty bottom.

Since the old man is feeling frisky and would like to feel the flesh of her bare buttocks, he uses this teen spanking as an excuse to take down her stockings.

Then he slaps her bum with his bare hand and has lots of fun putting this teen in her place!

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OTK Spanking For Naughty Bar Maid

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This bar maid had better make sure she improves her performance. With a beautiful round bottom like hers, you’re going to have people lining up to spank it!

And that’s exactly what happens in this spanking video. She’s not doing her job well and her superior walks in on her and he’s not pleased about her.

He decides to discipline her.

He sits down. He taker her knickers down. He trashes her buttocks hard!

Her voluptious cheeks are spanked until they are a glowing red. She rubs her bum to make it feel a little better.

Then she has to bend over and take more bare handed spanking punishment.

Eventually, she gets a nice strap spanking to finish the job off properly.

This girl will probably perform a little better in the near future.

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Ebony Girl Gets Her Teen Ass Caned

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This girl was told not to smoke. She did it anyway. Now look at what happens!

She got caught and now she’s going to get some punishment!

She is ordered to bend over and her skirt is lifted up. Her bare bottom is revealed and the spanking punishment can begin.

First, her as is slapped with a bare hand. But since the bare hand alone can’t finish this job properly, the cane is taken out.

Once the girl gets the cane across her bum… that’s when the real marks are starting to appear.

She’s beaten into submission and she’s not liking it too much.

Too bad for her that her spanker is a pervert. He’s watching her pussy while she is standing there with her legs spread… completely exposed.

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Teen’s Chunky Bottom Gets A Strap Spanking

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This naughty teen from Girls Boarding School has been a very bad girl.

Now she’s going to have to get a strap spanking across her big bottom to make up for it.

This spanking video shows her with her legs up in the air, and trying to cover her bum to prevent it from getting a spanking punishment.

Nice try, young lady. But it’s not going to work.

Teens need discipline. Especially naughty ones. It’s just that simple.

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OTK Spanking On Chunky Teen Buttocks

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This chunky apple faced teen is kind of sassy. You can tell just by looking at her face that she’s nothing but trouble.

This mature woman agrees, so she takes the girl over her lap, pulls down her pants and her panties and proceeds to spank those full round buttocks like there is no tomorrow.

I love to see a big bum like that get a good trashing. But when the cane is whipped out, she’s starting to freak out a little bit.

She absolutely has to endure that cane spanking. At the end, she’ll be happy she did!

Her bare bottom gets the cane and she apparently gets off on it. You can see her pussy lips getting all thick and swollen. This girl has spanking fetish!

When she is being comforted,she bends over and we get such a good view of her behind. Her bum cheeks spread and we see her butt pucker. Her incredibly large cameltoe pussy lips are showing.

I would love to have spanking sex with this girl once she is spanked into submission completely.

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OTK Spanking For Naughty Girl With Big Bottom

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Isabelle is a naughty girl. She was supposed to do her homework, but she hasn’t done anything.

She’s in detention now, and she still hasn’t done anything!

The headmaster has completely had it with her. Isabelle is now going over his knee for an otk spanking.

He lifts up her skirt and it reveals her sexy white panties. He spanks her bottom and it turns red a little.

Then he takes off her panties and her bare buttocks are now revealed. He continues spanking her cheeks with his bare hand.

Later on, Isabelle must bend over her desk and take a strap spanking to her already sore bum.

She definitely feels very ashamed of herself. But she also enjoys it. You can tell by the way she rubs her own bottom after it has been spanked so harshly.

Her teenage pussy lips are showing beneath her cheeks. They are swollen.

Isabelle secretly enjoys the shame and humiliating that come with being spanked like a little girl.

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Teen Spanking In The Dorm Room

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This teacher is fed up with his student’s lousy behavior.

He visits this teen in her own room for a good old fashioned teen spanking.

Her bare buttocks are revealed to the teacher no less than a minute after he walks in. He spanks her on the bum with his bare hand and keeps slapping her harder and harder.

She even gets a strap spanking across her naughty bottom.

She’s not too happy afterwards, but she must remember… this discipline is for her own good.

She will grow up to be a nice obedient housewife someday. And all because she’s starred in a spanking video!

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Submissive Teen Gets Spanking Punishment From Teacher

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This teacher lady is not too happy about this submissive young teen misbehaving in her class.

This naughty girl will have to be given a teen spanking in order to be set straight.

She will probably require more than one session, but hey… you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

In this spanking video, the girl goes over the teacher’s knee for an otk spanking with the bare hand.

Her buttocks make a loud slapping sound when the teacher’s hand lands on her cheeks.

The girl is made to bend over, thus placing herself in a submissive and embarassing position.

She is given a strap spanking on her bare bum. Her pussy lips can be seen beneath her spanked cheeks.

At the end, the girl grabs her cheeks and pulls them apart a little. She is showing us her spanked bottom and the swollen pussy lips between her legs.

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Naughty Knickers For Naughty Young Teen

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The naughty knickers are a pair of knickers that are saved for very special cases.

And this girl is such a special case. She’s been ordered to wear the naughty knickers, in which her bare bum is completely revealed.

Her cutesy little apple buttocks stick out while she is being administered an otk spanking when she is over the teacher’s lap.

She gets a severe bottom thrashing, the likes of which she will not soon forget.

Later on in this very humiliating spanking video, she gets a cane spanking to her buttocks to finish the job off.

Better be on your best behavior, girl.

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