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Two Naughty Schoolgirls Get A Cane Spanking From Teacher

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These naughty big bottomed schoolgirl have been very bad indeed.

The teacher has summoned them for a cane spanking that’s going to very humiliating for them.

He has the girls undress before the spanking punishment even begins.

If I were a little girl standing there without any panties on, I’d probably start feeling pretty submissive by now.

Imagine that… having a grown man looking at your teenage twat just like that. And he’s about to give you a teen spanking!

These teens get their bottoms spanked red with the cane. And they’re made to take on poses with their punished buttocks.

This is real discipline right here, folks.

This is the real deal.

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Cane Spanking For Alcoholic Nurse

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These two nurses have done a bad, bad thing. They’ve been boozing up on the job.

Have you ever heard of nurses drinking on the job? That’s a nice hospital to end up in after an accident!

Naturally, this type of behavior cannot be allowed. Therefore, it is the decision of the doctor in charge to have these nurses endure a humiliating spanking punishment.

They are made to take down their skirts and their panties and bend over… in each other’s presence.

They reveal their full moons to the doctor, who is not amused. The doctor takes out the cane, and does what he knows he must do!

These naughty nurses receive a cane spanking until their bottoms are all red. After that, the doctor takes distance and admires his work.

The nurses are made to stand with their faces to the wall.

I hope they’re ashamed of themselves. As if that’s not enough, the ordeal has been taped and their spanking video is now available for the entire web to see!

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Teen Tied, Bottom Severely Spanked

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This naughty teenager has misbehaved and when her teacher comes along to give her a spanking punishment to set her straight, she struggles against him.

She apparently does not appreciate all the time and effort her teacher is investing in her.

So for her own good, the teacher binds the wrists of this bad teen together and puts her over her pillow.

Now that she’s calmed down a little, the teacher can finally administer a well deserved teen spanking.

Not too many Girls Boarding School spanking videos show teens bound and spanked. So this one was extra interesting!

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Humiliating Spanking For Teen, The Old Fashioned Way

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A teen spanking in its purest form!

This spanking video shows this naughty teen in the nude. This is a truly good old fashioned otk spanking right here, man!

I love how the girl is made to pose with her hands on her head before she has to take place across Miss Smith’s knee.

When she is finally across her lap, there is a nice view of her bottom and her lips. I love to see Miss Smith’s hand land on those cheeky teen buttocks.

Every time she spanks that girl, a loud slap is heard!

This girl is having a difficult time with being in such a humiliating position. She’s going to have to take this punishment as good as she can. There’s no getting out of it!

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OTK Spanking For Assistent Girls

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Assistent girl Elizabeth Simpson is not doing her work right. She’s been slacking off and her superiors are completely sick of her behavior.

They’ve decided to subject her to an otk spanking in order to set her straight.

Elizabeth is called into the office where she must immediately strip down and reveal her bare buttocks.

Her full round bottom is in plain view as she lies across the boss’ lap. He slaps those buttocks as if his life depends on it and Elizabeth Simpson is hurting real bad!

As if her humiliation is not complete after being spanked by two mature people in front of another young assistent girl… her punishment was filmed so it could be shown to future employees as a warning.

And that’s the story of how this spanking video came to be. ;)

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Obnoxious Blonde Bothers Old Man And Gets Punished

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All this fellow was trying to do was watch tv. Then in comes this obnoxious little blonde who wants some attention.

The slut even goes as far as taking off her shirt and flashing her boobies at him. She wants attention so desperately that she’s going to force him to make love to her!

Ofcourse, this guy isn’t going to let her run the show. He takes her over his lap and gives her an otk spanking while her thong is still between her butt crack!

While he is spanking her, he can’t help but pick at her thong a little. He wants to have a good look at this girl’s butt pucked because spanking sex gets him off.

Watch this spanking video to see how he completely humiliates this girl by giving her spanking punishment as if she’s still a little girl, while playing around between her legs.

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Naughty Teen’s Bottom OTK Spanked By Mature Woman

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This teen girl has misbehaved in this woman’s house and now there is a price to pay.

She’s going to have to go over her lap and get a severe teen spanking.

She simply won’t listen, so now her bottom is going to have to feel it.

Her hand is held firmly behind her back so she cannot go anywhere while she is going through this spanking punishment.

Her panties get pulled down and she takes the hard beating to her ass.

Her cute big bottom is turning pink at first and then red.

This spanking video takes it all the way. The girl is struggling to get away, but she can’t.

This is the real deal right here!

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Caned Girl Cringes As Her Bottom Is Welted

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This naughty girl from Girls Boarding School is a tough nut to crack.

She is made to stand with her hands on top of her head, awaiting her coming cane spanking.

When the teacher arrives, she must go on all fours and stick her bottom backwards as far as she can.

Then the cane lands on her buttocks and it leaves incredible welts.

When this girl’s spanking punishment is over, she rubs her full round cheeks to comfort herself a little.

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Legs Up In The Air And Paddle Spanking For Naughty Girl

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This girl is a regular in the Girls Boarding School teacher’s office.

No matter how many times she receives spanking punishment, she just can’t seem to learn how to behave like a good teen girl.

The teachers know that it’s best to just stay the course when it comes to the disciplination of this girl.

That’s why they’v invited her into the office for the upteenth paddle spanking of the month.

They’re not going easy on this girl at all. They spanks her buttocks really hard and her bottom turns dark red.

I’m surprised this girl isn’t spanked to tears by now.

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Girl Struggles To Prevent Bare Bottom Spanking

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We got a live one! And this one’s a real kicker!

This girl is a real class act. She never goes down without a fight.

The good folks from Girls Boarding School always have great difficulty with this one. But it doesn’t stop them from trying!

The girl has been naughty and the teacher takes her over his knee for a bare bottomed otk spanking.

She’s not liking to too much and struggles violently to get away.

But all she does is make the teacher angrier. Her teen spanking is now going to be at least twice as harsh as it would have been if only she had cooperated.

The teacher grabs her arm and spanks her butt hard. After a while, her jeans come off and she is standing there in her cute little girly panties.

Then she goes over the teacher’s knee again, where she gets the severest spanking punishment she’s seen in a long time.

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