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Teen Spanking For Girl At The Doctor

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This girl wasn’t expecting this doctor’s appointment to become a painful one.

However, the doctor couldn’t help but notice what a sassy big mouth this teenaged had… and also what a luscious big bottom she had!

So the doctor decides there is only one remedy to cure this girl of what ails her. And it’s a good old otk spanking across the bottom for this naughty teen!

She’s wearing her sexy panties today, almost as if she was planning on taking her clothes off for the doctor.

Do you suppose it was her intention to receive a spanking across her naughty bottom from him?

Her lovely and luscious teen bottom is spanked completely red and this spanking video makes sure to show it quite clearly by zooming in.

Nothing better than a young girl’s bottom slapped sore! Best bottom on this spanking blog, EVER!

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Paddle Spanking For Naughty Teen In The Bathroom

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This teen’s been naughty. Very, very naughty. And now she’s waiting in the bathroom with paddle in her hand.

Yes sir… she’s going to get a paddle spanking on her naughty teen bottom!

I like it that she gets to keep on her panties at first. They look so sexy on that curvy teen bottom.

She gets her teen spanking to her knickers covered bottom at first. Every time the paddle lands, I wish I could see her bare buttocks right now!

Fortunately, those panties do come off eventually. And the girl’s naughty teen bottom is revealed.

At the end of the spanking video she soaps up her cute little bum in order to make it feel a little better.

Look at those buns move along as she massages them.


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Two Naughty Schoolgirls See The Headmaster For A Paddle Spanking

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These two naughty schoolgirls look so innocent and sweet standing there in their sexy school uniforms. Nice skirts, ladies.

Don’t let their looks fool you. In the classroom, they’re naughty as hell!

This spanking video shows both of them bending over for the headmaster and his paddle.

He lifts up their skirts and pulls down their panties one by one.

Then, he spanks those naughty bottoms as hard as he can. The girls are practically spanked to tears.

Those poor girls. I’ve enjoyed watching them suffer through their spanking punishment.

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Katie Leigh Spanking Across Her Bare Buttocks

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Katie Leigh is one of those girls who simply can’t stay out of trouble.

And that’s because she’s a self admitted slut who gets off on spanking sex. She does nothing but read many a spanking blog on the web all day long.

She thinks about being spanked the whole day long. Here we see her with her friend Isabelle. They’ve both been naughty and they’re here for a serious spanking.

The girls both get the cane across their bare buttocks and they seem to be enjoying themselves just nicely.

So no reason to stop… just keep slapping those teenaged bums over and over again.

We see Katie Leigh in the chair, holding up her own legs as if to say “please fuck my freshly spanked teenage bum, because I’m slut and that’s what I want!”.

I can’t believe Katie Leigh man… she’s such a spanking slut.

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Spanking Domination In This Lesbian Dorm Room

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These three girls have developed quite a spanking fetish throughout the years.

One of them just so happens to be very dominant. In this spanking video, she takes control over her two dorm room girlfriends.

She ties them up, has them sitting down on all fours, spanks their bare buttocks, locks them up in a cage and gives them a strap spanking.

How lovely to see this teen girl turn into a Mistress with those sexy breasts of hers hanging out of her lingerie.

I wish I could see teen spanking like this every single day of the week!

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Obnoxious Blonde Bothers Old Man And Gets Punished

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All this fellow was trying to do was watch tv. Then in comes this obnoxious little blonde who wants some attention.

The slut even goes as far as taking off her shirt and flashing her boobies at him. She wants attention so desperately that she’s going to force him to make love to her!

Ofcourse, this guy isn’t going to let her run the show. He takes her over his lap and gives her an otk spanking while her thong is still between her butt crack!

While he is spanking her, he can’t help but pick at her thong a little. He wants to have a good look at this girl’s butt pucked because spanking sex gets him off.

Watch this spanking video to see how he completely humiliates this girl by giving her spanking punishment as if she’s still a little girl, while playing around between her legs.

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Strap Spanking For Redhead Teen Justine

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Poor Justine. It’s her turn for a teen spanking again.

The headmaster takes out his strap and orders Justine to stand in a bent over position on a chair.

Then, while her buttocks are sticking outwards, she receives a strap spanking like you wouldn’t believe.

I always enjoy seeing Justine’s teen pussy lips swell up. She likes spanking sex and is not afraid to admit.

The spanking video shows her doing some household chores with a spanked bottom.

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Elizabeth Simpson Spanked, Ass Fingered, Pussy Fucked, Mouth Fucked

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Elizabeth Simpson is a perverted slut. She gets off on spanking porn and she loves the idea of thousands of people watching spanking pictures of her plastered all over a spanking blog.

Here she gets to take on the role of a naughty schoolgirl who deserves punishment. Right at the end of the video, she already knows what’s coming and she’s standing there looking submissive.

She is ordered to take off her clothes, which she obediently does so. Her master takes a peek between her buttocks because he wants to see Elizabeth Simpson’s butt pucker and pussy lips.

He proceeds to spank her, but quickly inserts a finger into her anus to finger Elizabeth’s ass.

He then fucks her while she is bending over the table. He’s completely abusing her and it scares the shit out of her!

It makes poor little Elizabeth cry, but her punisher isn’t letting her off the hook. She has to give him a blowjob too, which pretty much makes this spanking sex party complete!

Let it be a lesson for us all. This is how you treat naughty girls.

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Teen Buttocks Strapped And Caned Hard

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These two teens are getting their bottoms caned just for the hell of it.

As you can see, they’ve made sure to wear their sexiest outfits.

Who doesn’t want to look their best when making an appearance in a spanking video, right? ;)

One girl goes otk with nothing on but her fishnet stockings. Her bare bottom is in plain view for her spanker to see. And what a lovely bottom it is.

He gives her an otk spanking until her bottom is glowing red. Her legs spread a little and they reveal a very swollen pussy.

Now that’s a pussy that enjoys some hot spanking sex! That’s a pussy that wants something inside of it. That’s a pussy that enjoys being right beneath a naughty bottom that has just been punished.

These girls are so perverted…

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Cane Spanking For Lawbreaker Teen Girl

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This is the upteenth time this month that a lawbreaking teenaged girl is brought into the police station for a proper bottom thrashing.

The jail cells are full so police staff has chosen another tool of punishment.

The cane.

This girl is not getting off any lighther than all the other little lawbreakers of this month.

Not only is she getting an enormous cane spanking on her bare bottom, the whole thing is being recorded and being turned into a spanking video to be sold!

Hey, in these rough economic times… the police station has got to find a way to fund itself, right?

This teen’s bottom is caned a dark red. It must hurt plenty. But wait, what’s’ that!

Swollen teenage labia?

Oh I see… this must be one of those girls that enjoy spanking sex more than the regular thing.

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