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Naked Teen Gets Strap Spanking From Teacher

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This naughty teen is dragged down the hallway by a very angry teacher. He’s going to give her the strap spanking of a lifetime. She will not soon forget it.

The teacher undresses her so she is completely in the nude. Then he makes her assume a difficult to maintain position, that exposes her bottom quite clearly to him.

He immediately starts dealing out his spanking punishment and doesn’t stop until the girl’s cheeks are beet red!

The girl’s face says it all… this is the most humiliating spanking she has ever received. If only because of her very submissive position.

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OTK Spanking In Teen Girl’s Own Bed

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This girl is attending Girls Boarding School in order to get some much needed discipline so she’ll grow up to be a good and obedient housewife some day.

In this spanking video, she gets a good old fashioned, bare bottomed, bare handed otk spanking!

Is there any other kind? ;)

The teacher comes to visit her in her own room where this anxious teen is already waiting for the spanking punishment she knows she’s going to get.

The teacher sits on the bed and pulls the girl over his lap. She then gets a humiliating spanking on her naughty bottom!

Her pants come off soon enough. Her panties are pulled down just beneath her cheeks. Her bare bottom is now exposed to the teacher.

He continues to give her a teen spanking with his bare hand. Her buns are turning beet red in the process and the girl is spanked to tears.

By the time her spanking is over, she is completely nude and feeling very submissive, exposed and humiliated.

She then gets back in bed where she thinks about what has just happened to her. She then cries herself to sleep.

Poor girl. Can anybody comfort her?

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Humiliating Spanking For Naughty Pigtail Girl

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This naughty girl knows what’s coming to her buttocks in the next few minutes.

You can see the look of despair and anticipation on her face. She’s already starting to feel a little submissive and her spanking punishment hasn’t even begun!

This spanking video shows her bending over for a good strap spanking. At first to her pantie covered buttocks. Later on to her bare buttocks!

She’s trying to stop the strap from landing on her bottom but it is to no avail. It merely angers her spanker and he then grabs a cane to give her a cane spanking.

She deserves it. It’s for her own good.

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OTK Spanking For Submissive Young Teen

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Submissive as this girl is, she couldn’t resist the temptation to do something naughty!

She’s not too happy about the fact that she’s going to take an incredible strap spanking to her buttocks soon.

But I say she should be happy to have such a sexy school mistress to set her straight now that she’s still young.

This spanking video shows her slim, sexy, well endowed mistress taking her over the knee, giving her an otk spanking, telling her off, slapping her butt some more, etc.

After being given an incredible spanking over the knee, the girl is made to bend over and present her bare buttocks to her mistress.

Then the mistress takes a strap and spanks her bottom some more.

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Submissive Teen Loves Spanking Domination

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Some girls get spankings as punishment for being bad.

Some girls love spanking porn and simply want to be dominated all day long.

This spanking video shows such a girl. She wants to be somebody’s slavegirl so bad, that this kind Sir has taken it upon himself to discipline her.

She is bound to a bench and takes a flogging on her naked bottom.

With every flog, it turns red more and more. She’s totally getting off on it. She’d like to spread her legs, but she’s tied up.

This girl’s pussy juices are totally starting to flow as her punishment continues.

The most perverted video on this entire spanking blog, has got to be this one!

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Cane Spanking For Two Naughty Girls In The Nude

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These two naughty girls have misbehaved and their school mistress is not too pleased at all.

She has devised an especially humiliating spanking session for these two, because they’ve been extra naughty.

And because the school mistress simply enjoys seeing teen girls get a teen spanking, ofcourse.

In this spanking video, the girls are made to assume all sorts of submissive and difficult positions. Such as the one where they have to keep their legs up in the air while the school mistress spanks their buttocks with the strap.

You can see the excrutiating pain on the girl’s faces very clearly.

What a sight for sore eyes!

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Submissive Teen Gets Spanking Punishment From Teacher

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This teacher lady is not too happy about this submissive young teen misbehaving in her class.

This naughty girl will have to be given a teen spanking in order to be set straight.

She will probably require more than one session, but hey… you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

In this spanking video, the girl goes over the teacher’s knee for an otk spanking with the bare hand.

Her buttocks make a loud slapping sound when the teacher’s hand lands on her cheeks.

The girl is made to bend over, thus placing herself in a submissive and embarassing position.

She is given a strap spanking on her bare bum. Her pussy lips can be seen beneath her spanked cheeks.

At the end, the girl grabs her cheeks and pulls them apart a little. She is showing us her spanked bottom and the swollen pussy lips between her legs.

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Embarassing Teen Spankings For Two Naughty Girls

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This sadistic teacher has had it with these two girls that keep fucking with her!

She’s invited them to her basement, where they will be subjected to a humiliating treatment to put them in their places once and for all.

The teens are taking across her lap for an otk spanking. While one is being spanked, the other is standing there with her panties off, waiting for the very same spanking punishment.

This spanking video shows these girls being completely humiliated and dominated. When they are over the knee, their buttocks are being slapped and their cheeks are being pulled apart.

Their butt puckers are now showing and they feel very exposed.

They must assume submissive positions. They bend over and take strap spankings to their bottoms. Their naked breasts are hanging down and jiggling with every slap on the buttocks.

One of the most exciting teen spanking sessions I have ever seen. Makes me wish I were there!

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Slutty Teen Spanked By Strict Mistress

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This naughty teen has the bad luck of being the target of this very strict Mistress’ wrath.

She is starting to feel less and less comfortable as she is being stared down by this stern woman.

She goes over her knee with her pants down to her ankles. She receives a bare handed, bare bottomed otk spanking.

Her precious buttocks are shown up close in this spanking video. Her cheeks take a sound trashing and her butt pucker as well as her pussy lips are showing clearly.

This is one of those girls that secretly enjoys being exposed, submissive, humiliated and dominated.

The Mistress spreads the girl’s bum cheeks and has a good look at the sweetness that lies between.

She continues to spank the girl’s naughty bottom until it’s red and sore.

Once the Mistress has had enough, the girl gets another slap on the buttocks and is allowed to go.

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Strap Spanking From Strict School Mistress

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This naughty school student girl reports to her school mistress, an older mature woman who’s known for not taking any fucking crap from young sassy teens.

Immediately she takes the girl over her lap and deals out an otk spanking to her bottom.

The bare hand spanking is followed by a good strap spanking on the bare buttocks.

This girl isn’t feeling too comfortable in this submissive and powerless position.

She can’t go anywhere and she’s starting to feel sorry for how naughty she has been.

Her naughty bottom will feel the stinging pain for a long time to come!

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